The Controversy  with  Mandatory Minimum Sentences and The Plea Deal  How about  Kids in a Broken System

Dark Side of Justice

Inmates can get time off for Birth Control 

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Everyone should be responsible for their own actions, suicide and murder is the responsibility of the person committing it. One more wrongful conviction, by a single judge, one more life ruined. If this case was tried by more than one judge in a digital court would it have the same result?

One more corrupt prosecutor has been identified. What will happen to this scoundrel that got an innocent man executed?

Looks like nothing at all

 What would be an appropriate punishment for a rogue prosecutor once they have been discovered? Shouldn’t the punishment be so shocking, it can be used as a warning to others not to follow? We’d like to hear what you think 

We believe it’s time for the Independent Judicial system to end. And demand an investigation begin as to what happens in Civil, Probate and Family court... Read more

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​​Read the Evidence  from California - Texas - LouisianaConnecticut - Illinois - North Carolina Pennsylvania - Wisconsin -Oklahoma  - Florida - New York - The National Registry of Exonerations Currently     2127      More to come 


Freed From Death Row160                            Surviving Death Row                How many innocent people has the US Executed?   


The Justice System is Broken

A bit of History     How they did it in the past  Trial by Ordeal    The authorities back then were probably convinced, they had a good justice system, but changes happened over time, which brought us to here and now. In spite, of what the authorities may say it’s time for another change that will take us to the future with a Digital Court.

Is the jury told about this?